Astro Coders 

Astro Coders is a novel board game that teaches both Math and Coding concepts in a fun filled and fast paced game where kids race to get their space ships away from a black hole. 

This game teaches all concepts of coding from basic arithmetic to loops and conditionals using simple, easy to decipher cards that kids execute. We used Python as it is simple to learn with no heavy syntax. 

This game hones math skills too by reinforcing the prime factorization for the numbers 2 - 100. 

This game comes with a comprehensive Python tutorial booklet with hands-on exercises. No prior coding knowledge is required for playing this game. However, kids do need to know multiplications/divisions and prime factorization to play the game more meaningfully



  • 145 prime cards with codes to execute
  • 10 special cards
  • 4 pawns and a dice