Fun and Educational Games

Learn to code! Improve your critical thinking!


Our CodingFarmers game was featured in Purdue University Holiday Gift Giving Guide and at the Indiana 2018 STEM Education Conference. 





CodingFarmers teaches kids to become literate programmers who can decode Java programs with ease. They won't even notice they've become coding wizards -- they'll be too busy having fun, rolling the dice, and trying to get to the barn!

Coding Is Good

Python is a very popular coding language, especially for beginner programmers. This fast paced card game teaches all the basic concepts of Python through challenging and unique coding cards. It complements our free online tutorial perfectly!

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a game specifically designed for kids as young as 5 years. In this fun game, kids learn to strategically sequence cards to win treasure. This fascinating game can be played in both cooperative and competitive modes. 


Astro Coders


A fun-filled board game that reinforces math concepts and also teaches coding. Kids race to get their spaceship away from the black hole! 

“I bought codingFarmers to introduce my 5th graders to programming. This was received well. I believe the game can be a great addition to middle and high school classrooms” - Tracey, Teacher