A game that teaches Java

codingFarmers is the first board game to teach real programming concepts to children as young as 7 years old. This innovative and ground-breaking game exposes kids to a language used widely by both students and software engineers, the Java Programming language. 

Children play the game with action cards, which describe an action, like "move forward by two spaces" in two ways: regular English, and Java code. By playing the game several times, kids learn to connect their actions with written code. They become programming literate all while having a blast - rolling a dice, maneuvering around obstacles and chatting with their friends and family.

The final test comes when they substitute the action cards with Java cards - when they can play from code alone, you realize that they understand all the main concepts of programming. 

The aim of the game is to show kids that computers aren't doing magic when they run programs; rather, they are executing simple operations, like addition, subtraction, and making choices. In this game, kids quickly gain an appreciation for how powerful and simple programming can be.

If you are a teacher and would like to add this game to your curriculum, please email us at mathandcoding@gmail.com and get a copy absolutely free!



  • Comes with a full tutorial that gently introduces kids to Java language with tons of examples that kids can relate with and with many do-it-your self exercises.

  • 60 action cards and 60 Java cards introduce all the basic concepts of programming.




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Awesome board game that teaches coding

“In a nutshell, the students loved it! I tried it with different age groups at my school, and although some students found it easier and more enjoyable than others, the general consensus of our students and teachers is that this is a game with a high educational value"

— T.H.

A great educational game


“Loved this game! I was able to test this product out with my 5th graders! They loved the game! Planning to buy one for my classroom!”

— S.S.

Great game- even if you are not interested in coding.

"The game is great. I loved it. My 8 year old son loves it. It is simple and easy to play, and teaches not only programming concepts, but strategy.”

— C.W.