Coding Is Good 

Coding is really good with this fast paced and fun card game that tests all the concepts of Python programming language. 

Fueled by our success with the codingFarmers board game, we designed a 'Coding is Good' Python card game for middle school children. This complements our online Python coding class. Python is a very popular programming language for beginners that has gained momentum recently as a simple language for those who haven't coded before.

In this two-player game (ideal for kids in 5th grade and above), players challenge each other in their understanding of Python concepts. The game has three sets of cards: the Basic, the Intermediate, and the Advanced cards. At the beginning of the game, players divide each deck equally among themselves, The players challenge each other by picking cards strategically from their decks and asking the questions from the cards to their opponent. If you answer correctly, the card pile increases in size - but if you answer wrong, the whole stack goes to your opponent. After you run out of cards, whoever ends up with more cards wins!

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  • 176 cards.

  • 80 basic cards and 48 each of the intermediate and advanced cards.

  • All cards of have answers to the challenge at the back.




Learning python is a breeze.

“I purchased this game for my 5th grade son after he took MathAndCoding's online Python class. We played this game several times and we love it. The game reinforces all the concepts of Python.”

— J.A.

Must have flash cards!

“I recommend this game for all teachers and educational centers who are teaching Python to middle school children. These 176 cards challenge one's basic understanding so well.”

— L.K.

Great teaching tool.

“These cards are a great teaching tool. Our kids love competing against each other and playing with these, and it's better than staring at a screen all the time!”

— J.Y.