A fun family board game

Treasure Hunt is a family board game that teaches kids strategy, cooperation, and critical thinking in an exciting environment. This game is easy to grasp for children as young as five years old. It's a game that the kids will love and adults will always secretly want to play! 

Treasure Hunt also offers both a cooperative and competitive mode.    

In Cooperative Mode, players compete together against the pirate, a token that pops up to snatch away coins on the board. Cooperative Mode is an excellent way to build teamwork and problem-solving skills, all while having a blast playing a game together as a family. This mode is ideal for families with young kids.

In Competitive Mode, the object is to grab as many treasure coins as possible while using ruthless strategy to block your opponents from taking those coins away.

In both modes, every game played is unique; at the beginning of the game the coins are scattered randomly across the board. Lots of replay value!

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  • 5+ years to adults.

  • Can be played in cooperative or competitive mode.

  • Kids learn sequencing, strategy and critical thinking.




Great Competitive Fun!

"I played this game two-player with an old friend. It was surprisingly cutthroat and strategic, especially given the simple rules. We didn't know who was going to win until the very end! (Hint: not me ;) 

— J.A.

Kids Loved It!

“We played this game in 'cooperative mode' with the whole family. Normally, when we play competitive games, our younger and older children squabble, but in this game they were happy and working together! Couldn't recommend it more!

— L.K.